Apr 03 Amanda’s Bachelorette Party

As one of Amanda's lucky bridesmaids, I was *tickled pink* to plan one of the most girly bachelorette parties i think i've ever even been to. Warning: this really may be one of the pinkest parties, thanks to me! In our 12 years of friendship, Amanda and I have bonded over hot pink & turquoise with gold accents. (Unplanned, but both of our wedding invitations are exactly the same palette as each others). I didn't sit down to plan the embellishments & details for one minute. Rather, everytime I went supply shopping for clients at the paper and craft stores, I literally bought every fun, metallic gold whizzly-doo in sight and let the girls–aka "A"listers–get creative in the moment. That's when the best ideas happen, i think. Shiny gold stickers marked our glassware, gold metallic tassels became our signature necklaces throughout the weekend & gold glitter letters made for fun, typographic tattoos. Amanda's said "TAKEN" which was pretty cute & appropriate. There were others that became a little inappropriate as the cocktails continued...

I had never been, so I had no idea just how perfect of a backdrop a Mondrian Hotel room would be for the planned activities. I mean, how amazing is this couch...and mirrored tray for accessories?

Thankfully I had her other extremely creative bridesmaids, Kendra & Catherine, help pull the glamorous Hollywood weekend together. We're talking girly poolside lounging & drinking at the Mondrian Hotel, signature triple "AAA"manda cocktails & appetizers by Catherine, dinner at one of the bachelorette's most beloved spots, Mozza, limousine bar hopping down Sunset Boulevard, but my favorite part: a sexy afternoon burlesque lesson by Jaime from Helles Belles. Let your inner sex goddess out, ladies! Beforehand, I laid out a selection of my personal launderie items on the bed for the girls to choose from. It was a spontaneous dress up moment that added to the suspense for Amanda and most of the other "A"-listers. 

And then my favoritest, favorite part: A SURPRISE HOT PINK PILLOW FIGHT produced & created by Moi! Yes, a tad bit crazy to be sewing & stuffing hot pink feathers into pillows in NYC and then traveling to LA by plane, but completely worth it to see Amanda's face light up. Do you see the crazy girl holding up the Pillow Fight sign? That's me. I was beyond excited for 8 of us to jump on the bed and watch the cloud of feathers burst into the air. The best part is that you couldn't tell they were pink until we started the fight. It was like being in an 80's movie dream! i don't even need to describe just how much fun we had, how hard we laughed...the photos by The Why We Love say it all. Even the photographer, Danielle, had no idea what was in store so i think she had just as much fun as we did!

The prettiest aftermath i ever did see...

One last note: i'm pretty sure it's not a requirement at any other girl's bachelorette party, other than the fabulous Amanda's of 100 Layer Cake, but hand painted signage in the fashion of her wedding stationery added a memorable touch to the party. (I was inspired by the movie of the year, The Artist) That's what happens when a calligrapher friend is in charge! 

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